Lions vs. Jets: Five Keys To Victory

The Detroit Lions face the New York Jets on the road at Met Life Stadium. This is a big game for the Detroit Lions, meeting a top defensive team in the AFC. The Jets are having a great season, and the team does not have many flaws to take advantage of. The Jets run the football very well and do not make many mistakes.

In this video, Mike Kimber gives his five keys to victory for the Lions on Sunday.


Play Flag Free Football

The Jets are a well-rounded team with a top defense. The Lions are on the road and must play mistake-free football to win this game.

The Lions cannot commit multiple penalties in this game. If the Lions play sound football, they can win on the road.



The New York Jets are middle-of-the-pack teams in the NFL on the turnover differential at negative two, which is twenty-first in the NFL. The Lions must not throw interceptions or fumble in this game.

The Jets are a team that capitalizes on the opposing team’s mistakes. Lions, do not shoot yourself in the foot on Sunday.


Force QB Mike White To Pass

The Jets are good in many statistical categories, including in the passing game. However, White was injured (ribs) in Week 14 against the Buffalo Bills; the Lions should pounce on him just like they did against the Giants, forcing the Jets to pass the football and win the game.


Take Points When You Can

The Lions are well known for an aggressive offense that likes to go for it on fourth downs, and they are a team that will perform fake punts.

However, the Jets’ defense is one of the best in the NFL, and in this game the Lions should take any points given instead of being too aggressive. Since the offense for the Jets is below average, take the points and win the game.


Run The Football

The Detroit Lions must run the football and stick to the run game.

The Jets’ defense is the thirteenth-ranked run defense in the NFL on run defense. The Lions have a top-ten run offense with running backs D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams. Use these backs as the primary weapons on offense.