Can The Detroit Lions Win A Superbowl In The Next 5 years?

One of the most unfortunate realities for the Detroit Lions is that they have yet to win a Superbowl. Matter of fact, the Lions have yet to reach a Superbowl. Throughout the franchise as a whole, reasons such as lack of talent, poor drafting, bad coaching, and lack of leadership from the owners are reasons why the Lions’ have not succeeded in winning and making it to the big game. At some point, the Detroit Lions will make it and win a Superbowl. Much hype is following the Lions’ leadership in General Manager Brad Holmes and Head Coach Dan Campbell as they assemble a talented roster and try to bring a winning culture to Detroit.

In an open forum for Lions fans to speak to the panel of content creators one of the questions that were asked to the panel on the live show from Lions Nation Unite’s YouTube channel was directed to legendary WR Herman Moore. The question asked was “Will the Detroit Lions win a Superbowl in the next 5 years”? Herman Moore’s response was measured and reasonable “I can’t say that definitely, no” Herman goes on “ I would feel more comfortable with the backup Quarterback position if I knew that the running game would be settled” Herman Moore is correct. It is a question that cannot be answered. To make a Superbowl and win a Superbowl so many variables are too difficult to predict.

Variables such as team health throughout a season and postseason, the play of each player on the roster, the playoff schedule, other teams’ health status, exedra. So much goes into a team making it to the big game, it is nearly impossible to predict years down the road. Each year, predictions occur for who lands in the Superbowl and who to win it all. The majority of those predictions are completely wrong. Add in a 5-year period and we are talking near impossibility. We have seen last year that teams can go from worst to first such as the Cincinnati Bengals but that does not mean this situation is a normal occurrence.

I must admit, the Lions seem to be heading in the right direction as a franchise. General Manager Brad Holmes has been successful in drafting players such as Penei Sewell, Alim McNeill, and Aidan Hutchinson. Head Coach Dan Campbell looks to be finally the coach to bring stability back from the debacle of former Head Coach Matt Patricia. Does this necessarily mean they will win a Superbowl? No, not at all. Teams such as the Buffalo Bills have a great Head Coach, and a great roster, and have not won one yet. All Lions fans can do is hope the success and wins continue to grow and at some point be able to have a chance in the postseason and make a run.