Can The Lions Defensive Line Be One Of The Best In The NFL?

The Detroit Lions have spent the last two years completely changing the Defensive Line by adding players in the NFL draft, trades, and acquiring talent in free agency. One of the players who the Lions drafted last year is DL Levi Onwuzurike. Onwuzurike was drafted in the second round in the 2021 NFL draft to become a main staple for the Lions line. In 2021, Onwuzurike was injured and did not perform well when on the field.

This offseason, Onwuzirke stayed in the city of Detroit and worked on his conditioning and physical shape. The importance of him being a major impact on the Detroit Defense is essential for them to take the next step. The Lions need his presence to help stop the run and get to the quarterback. Can Onwuzurike have the biggest impact out of the draft class in 2021?

The expectations for Aidan Hutchinson for the 2022 NFL season are very high. Hutchinson was considered the most talented defensive player in the draft. With his high motor and superior power of the line, can Hutchinson live up to these expectations and become the defensive rookie of the year? Lions Nation Unite panel discusses these specific topics.