Detroit Lions Mailbag: Can The Lions Win The NFC North?

Today’s mailbag segment talks about many subjects, such as the debut of rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams, the Lions’ upcoming matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots, and the probability of the Lions winning the NFC North.


WR Jameson Williams

The Detroit Lions’ offense has been one of the best in the NFL, ranking No.2 in total scoring offense, No.3 in run offense, and top five in total offense. This all has been without Lions star player wide receiver Jameson Williams.

Williams should debut for the Lions after the bye week, around Week 7. When Williams does make his debut, he should help a great offense become even more significant. Williams’ speed will give offensive coordinator Ben Johnson the ability to take the top off defenses and make them pay with the play action.


Lions versus the Cowboys and Patriots

Two of the biggest games on the Lions’ schedule are the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots. Before the season started, many assumed the Lions would lose these two matchups. Is that still the case after two weeks of the NFL season?

Not necessarily.

The Patriots’ offense has been awful, and the team is not the same as it has been in many years. Former Lions head coach Matt Patricia runs the offense for the Patriots and has done a poor job. The offense ranks as one of the worst in the NFL, and the Lions should be able to put more points against them.

MicroMike on Lions vs. Patriots (5:17)

“I would love for the Lions to beat the Patriots and shove a loss in Matt Patricia’s face.”

The Cowboys’ star quarterback may not be available to play versus the Lions due to an injury sustained in Week 1. The offense for the Cowboys has been mediocre at best. The Lions have a shot at winning.


Can the Lions Win the NFC North?

The Lions face the Vikings in Week 3, and if the Lions win, can they win the NFC North?

That is a question that was asked of the Lions Nation Unite panel. It is possible but still not likely. The Green Bay Packers still have quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and he is still one of the best QBs in the league.

Spirit Of Detroit Podcast On NFC North (7:11)

“I see us splitting with Green Bay. I see Green Bay three games ahead of us, so I think we are probably playing for a wild card spot.”

If you would like to listen to the whole show, click the link below!