Detroit Lions Mailbag: Jared Goff Exceeds Expectations

Today’s mailbag segment talks about how Lions quarterback Jared Goff has exceeded expectations for this season. With Goff quarterbacking the best offense in the National Football League, he has done more this season than initially expected.


Jared Goff Is Playing Well

Goff has eleven touchdowns, three interceptions, and nearly twelve hundred receiving yards this season. These stats show he is playing as a top-ten QB in the NFL.

The expectation for Goff this season was to be a game manager. With Goff putting up great numbers, he is doing much more than most people thought.

Mark Orum on Jared Goff (0:27)

“Goff has exceeded my expectations. I have my personal feelings towards Jared Goff, I still think this team needs a mobile quarterback, but he has done extremely well. Can’t take anything away from him, he’s securing the football and not throwing picks, not fumbling the ball which has been a huge issue of his in the past, he’s not getting hit- not much due to the offensive line. Yes he has exceeded my expectations for sure.”


Can Jared Goff Be The Long-Term Solution For The Lions At QB?

Goff has had a great season for the first four weeks. With that said, it is too early to name him the future QB of the Detroit Lions.

It is essential to see what Goff can do for the rest of the season. If Goff continues this upward trend, general manager Brad Holmes does need to decide the future of Goff. It would need to be a long-term contract extension that will cost the Lions a lot of money. The Lions could look to the NFL draft for Goff’s replacement if he does not play well.

The Roar of the Lions UK on Jared Goff (12:03)

‘I think the future lays elsewhere; he [Jared Goff] is the best thing for this franchise right now, not a rookie, not anyone else, he is the best person for this franchise now, but I don’t think I would call him my franchise QB.”