Five Storylines To Watch For In Detroit Lions Training Camp

Lions training camp is a good way for questions to be answered that have occurred throughout the offseason. This article gives five storylines to watch for the Detroit Lions’ 2022 training camp.

Second Year Players

How well will the second-year players whom the Lions drafted in 2021 be able to play in 2021? Will Penei Sewell be able to continue and grow as a right tackle for the Lions? How well will Levi Onwuzurike play in 2022? Can he overcome some injury issues he has last season? The growth of last year’s rookies will be something to watch.

Jared Goff Year Two As Starting QB

The Lions’ season depends on Jared Goff. Jared Goff is the best quarterback on this football team and it is not even close. If Jared Goff plays well, the Lions’ season can be well. If Jared Goff gets injured or plays subpar in training camp, the Lions may have a long season.

Ben Johnson’s Offense

The Detroit Lions have a new offensive coordinator in Ben Johnson. For the Lions to have a fast start in 2022, the Lions’ players must get on the same page for Ben Johnson’s offense. Getting comfortable with the scheme early in training camp can bring success in the regular season.

Offensive Line

The most underrated and underappreciated part of a team is the offensive line. The offensive line helps make holes in the run game and protect the quarterback. The Lions have a lot of talent on this line. With that said, they have not played together as one unit much. With injuries, they have had much rotation. Watching the health of the offensive line for training camp is a must, they need to stay healthy on a consistent basis.

Lions Current Rookies

Lions’ rookie development in training camp is really important. We need these young players to get acclimated to the NFL and be able to contribute fast for the Lions. How fast can players such as Jameson Williams and Aidan Hutchinson be able to make an impact? Can Jameson Williams and Joshua Paschal get healthy? The rookie play in training camp will be important to watch.