Keys To Victory: Lions vs. Cowboys

The Detroit Lions are traveling for a Week Seven matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. This game is a must-win for the Lions.

Starting the season off at a 1-5 record would be a disaster for the Lions organization. The Lions must come up with a way to get a win on the road against the Cowboys.

MicroMike gives five keys to victory for the Lions.


Stop Going on 4th Down

The Detroit Lions must not shoot themselves in the foot by going on every fourth down play. Head coach Dan Campbell must understand that turning the ball over on downs is a turnover, and turnovers can lose you games. Campbell must realize you can go for field goals and punts on special teams and count on the defense to make stops.

MicroMike on HC Dan Campbell (1:49)

“Understand where you are at on the field, understand that there are other phases to the game like special teams, like defense. If you have an opportunity to kick a field goal, just go ahead and kick the field goal.”

MicroMike continues: “There are times to be aggressive, and there are times to not be. Think critically.”


Protect Jared Goff

The Dallas Cowboys have a great defense. The Cowboys’ defense is very good at placing pressure on the quarterback. Linebacker Micah Parsons is one of the best defensive players in the league and will be looking to take down quarterback Jared Goff.

The Lions’ offensive line must protect Goff on Sunday, or they will lose their fifth game of the year.


Pressure the QB

The Cowboys are getting their starting QB Dak Prescott back into the starting lineup on Sunday versus the Lions. For the Lions to have a chance, they must get pressure on Prescott.

The Lions’ defense must force Prescott to pass the football before he would like, resulting in incomplete passes. Also, the Lions’ defensive line must sack Prescott, and rookie edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson must win his battles and take down Prescott.

MicroMike on QB pressures (5:20)

“We have to get pressure on Dak Prescott; we have to. This defensive line, this whole team must be able to get the quarterback; we have not done that so far this year.”


Defensive Turnovers

The Lions’ defense needs to step up quickly and get turnovers. Whether forced fumbles or interceptions, the time is now to step up and make game-changing plays. The Lions’ offense needs every opportunity to score, and the defense must help them with turnovers.

MicroMike on turnovers (8:08)

“We got to get these turnovers, fumble recovery, interception, turnover on downs; we have got to stop them.”


Stop The Run Game

Lions’ run defense has been awful this season, and they are facing a Cowboys team who loves to run the football with running back Ezekiel Elliott. The Lions must stop Elliott from going off, and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn must get the defensive line and linebackers to stop Elliott at all costs.

If the Lions can contain Elliott, the Lions could have a chance to win Sunday.