Keys To Victory: Lions vs. New England Patriots

The Detroit Lions are traveling for a Week 5 matchup against the New England Patriots. The Lions have a 1-3, looking to rebound after losing at home versus the Seahawks. Lions would like their first win on the road for head coach Dan Campbell‘s regime.

MicroMike from Lions Nation Unite breaks down five keys to victory for the Lions Sunday.


Score More Than Forty Points

The Detroit Lions’ offense is the best in the National Football League (1). However, the Lions’ defense is the worst in the NFL (32). For the Lions to win, the offense must put up gaudy numbers due to their horrible defense.

Lions quarterback Jared Goff needs to continue distributing the football to all receivers and stay ahead offensively over the Patriots. If the Lions can score forty points or more, they should be able to win.


Protect Jared Goff

The Lions’ offensive line has been excellent so far this season. For the Lions’ offense to continue to be the best in the league, they must continue to pass protect for Goff. Goff needs to stay in the pocket, read his progressions and deliver the football. If pass protection is sound, the Lions’ offense will have a chance to win the game Sunday.


Pressure QB Bailey Zappe

The Lions’ defense will go up against the third-string rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe. The Lions’ defense must come up with the pressure to force the young QB to make mistakes. Allowing Zappe to stay comfortable will result in a loss for Detroit.


Defensive Turnovers

The Detroit Lions must get turnovers in this game. With the Lions’ defense struggling, it is vital to get some turnovers giving the offense more opportunities to score.

Players such as cornerback Jeffrey Okudah and safety Kerby Joseph need to take advantage of the Patriots playing a rookie QB to make a game-changing play to help win the game.


Stop The Run

The biggest key to victory is for the Lions’ defense to stop the run.

The biggest weapon for the Patriot offense is running back Damien Harris. The Patriots are a top ten rushing team and the only part of the offense performing well. The Lions’ defense must stop the run and force Zappe to pass the football.