Lions Camp Battles Heat Up

The Lions have a big decision to make regarding the backup QB battle between Tim Boyle and David Blough. This battle will go down to the last preseason game to determine who will be QB2. Tim Boyle and David Blough have been neck in neck for this competition. Lions Nation Unite panelists MicroMike and Antony from Roar Of The Lions UK give their thoughts on who will be the backup QB in 2022.

The Lions have a big hole at the Linebacker position and they attempted to address this position in free agency by signing Jarrad Davis. The idea was he would be able to help solidify a position of need for the 2022 NFL season. With that said, Davis has been less than stellar. With the lackluster play, does Davis even make the final 53-man roster? As of now, it seems the odds are he does not but will have one more preseason game to change the minds of the Lions’ coaching staff.

In the preseason, the secondary for Detroit has been bad. Often, they have been beaten, out of position, and look lost against the Falcons and Colts. Should the Detroit Lions look to upgrade the defensive back position in the 2023 NFL draft? Could the Lions look to draft a CB high to help solve the issues plaguing the back end of the Lions’ defense? In the Q/A mailbag segment, Antony and Mike give their thoughts on this question.