Lions Do Not Have Enough Talent To Compete For The Playoffs

The Detroit Lions’ season has not started the way many predicted it would. With four losses out of five games, the Lions have serious problems.

Fingers are being pointed at who is to blame for this slow start. Should general manager Brad Holmes take the blame? Should head coach Dan Campbell take responsibility?

Legendary wide receiver Herman Moore gives his thoughts on why the Lions are not playing good football.


Lack Of Talent

The Detroit Lions are deficient in talent. Going through all the players on the roster, the Lions are noticeably poor at multiple positions. This process of talent acquisition is going to take time.

Herman Moore On Lions Talent (0:15)

“I think this team is two to three years off with A, B+ [talent].”

Moore continues, “This is going to be a slow build; you have to trust that this regime is going to be able to take that build and see it all the way through.”


Lack Of Leadership

Looking at teams who are consistent winners and have leadership, coaches and players alike help move the team in the right direction. The Lions do not have quality leadership from players, and the Lions need players to step up and take on leadership roles and hold each other accountable.


Players Have To Play

The players need to step up and make plays. Players must hold themselves accountable and be able to improve on the mistakes that they make.

Currently, the Lions players are not making game-changing plays and need to step up and take control of the game. Without players doing their job, no success will come soon to the Lions.

Herman Moore On Player Accountability (5:49)

“The players have to play; that means you are taking accountability for every play, every win, every loss.”



Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes must continue to look for players through the draft and free agency to become a team with higher talent. He must go into this offseason ready to make big moves to upgrade the roster. If not, the pain will continue.