Lions Fans Are Mad and What Is Happening On The Field

The Detroit Lions lost against the New England Patriots resulting in a 1-4. As a result, fans are upset with the Detroit Lions players and head coach Dan Campbell.

The Lions are on a bye week and must make adjustments, or the ship will continue to sink. MicroMike and legendary wide receiver Herman Moore discuss the Detroit Lions organization and what must change to win.

Some Detroit Lions fans are furious, wanting general manager Brad Holmes to fire HC Dan Campbell.

MicroMike on Lions fans (2:11)

“You have fans saying it is the same old Lions; burn down the house right now, sell the team, Ford, get rid of it, go ahead and fire Brad Holmes, fire Dan Campbell and completely tear this thing down.”


Coaching Problems

The Lions’ coaching staff came into this offseason very confident, believing they may have started turning this team around into a winner. With the positive coverage by the media and the Detroit Lions featured on Hard Knocks, the vibes in Detroit were great.

Five games into the season, the confidence has collapsed. HC Dan Campbell looks not to trust his defense, the offense is struggling, and in-game decisions are poor.

Herman Moore on coaching confidence (3:19)

“There seems to be a fire that’s been really put out; there’s confidence that’s been lost. There isn’t the resilience that I thought that we would see, that would come across.”


Lions Needs Leadership

The Detroit Lions desperately need leaders to step up and gather the players to change course this season. Right now, no one has stepped up to demand change and hold players accountable for the play on the field. Veterans on this team must dig deep and take control of this situation before the season is a complete loss.


Firing Coaches May Not Help

Firing a coach midseason can sometimes help and sometimes may hurt. It may not solve the problem if the Lions decide to move on from a coordinator. A midseason change seems unlikely.

If the Lions continue to lose after the season, the Lions could look to fire HC Dan Campbell. If that were to occur, the Lions should find a proven winner.

MicroMike on coaching hiring (8:45)

“I want a coach who is a winner and who has won, and won on multiple levels.”

MicroMike continues, “Find somebody that has done it and is able to coach players.”