Lions Mailbag: Jameson Williams Health Status and Jeffrey Okudah Breakout Candidate

New Offensive Coordinator, Ben Johnson’s mission was to make sure the Lions had a more explosive offense compared to last year. The core of the wide receivers was one of the least talented in the NFL. Going into free agency, the Lions signed WR DJ Chark from the Jacksonville Jaguars. This was a good start but not finished. In the NFL Draft, the Lions trade up from pick 32 to pick 12 and selected WR Jameson Williams. The trade was a bold move considering Williams was injured and potentially would not be available for a portion of the 2022 season.

One of the biggest questions in the offseason is when will WR Williams be able to get back onto the field. A date that should be considered for Williams’s debut would be week 7 after the Lions’ bye week. This date would give Williams appropriate time to heal and have time to understand the scheme of the offense.

Lions cornerback Jeffrey Okudah has had a poor tenure as a Detroit Lions. Okudah’s rookie season was underwhelming, last year he was injured nearly the whole season. With a bad start, can Jeffrey Okudah come out strong in 2022? So far in training camp, Okudah has looked much improved and potentially could breakout for the Lions. Lions Nation Unite panelist give their thoughts on the possibility of Jeffrey Okudah having a breakout season.