Lions' Offense Is Struggling and Needs Better Players

The Detroit Lions’ offense has struggled for the last two games, with six points. The offense has been turning the ball over far too much with interceptions and fumbles and Lions quarterback Jared Goff looks nervous in the pocket.

The issues that plague the Lions are on multiple fronts. With injuries to key players such as running back D’Andre Swift, wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, and D.J. Chark, the Lions can’t function regularly.

Herman Moore on the Lions’ talent (6:46)

“When you look at it now, you go: well, what about the depth of this football team? That is something that you can’t coach, that is something you can’t go out and put more practice time or film time into. Either you have players or you don’t, and the concern that I have had not just today— I’ve said it before— it’s great when you see the players when they are healthy, who the Lions can put on the field, the Lions have an opportunity to compete with teams…”

Moore continues on: “…[but] now that you have players injured, you get to see what you really have, what do you have by way of depth. I’ve been saying this: if the QB gets hurt this offense is different. I did not realize that if D’Andre Swift gets hurt, all of a sudden this offense is a little bit different.”

One of the main reasons for having injured players on this team is Lions general manager Brad Holmes picking up players with a history of injury.

WR Chark was known to have ankle injuries that plagued his time in Jacksonville, and now it has recurred in Detroit, resulting in Chark being placed on injured reserve.

RB D’Andre Swift has had an injury-riddled career in Detroit, but the Lions’ front office banked on him staying healthy this season— and that has hurt the production on offense as he has not been playing. The Lions have good depth at the RB position, but they only have a dynamic player other than Swift.

The Lions’ offensive line has also been injured, affecting the field play. With players such as offensive lineman Dan Skipper, offensive guard Evan Brown, and offensive guard Logan Stenberg getting a large number of snaps, the continuity with the current starters is off.

The Lions need talent that can play immediately for this team, but the problem is they need more healthy talent to compete in the NFL. In the offseason, GM Brad Holmes must acquire fit talent in free agency and the draft to compete in 2023, or he will feel the hot seat.