Lions Players Who Are Riser And Fallers In Preseason

The Detroit Lions have completed two preseason games and have one left to go until the regular season. When it comes to the Lions’ preseason, wins do not matter but positional battles do. The Lions have so many battles to make the roster that every snap in the preseason could make or break a player’s roster spot. In this video/ article, MicroMike will give his thoughts on the risers and fallers of the Detroit Lions 2022 preseason.

We will start with the players who are rising for the Lions. These players have made a name for themselves and potentially could make the roster due to their performance on the field.

Jeffrey Okudah

It has been no secret that Jeffrey Okudah has been a controversial player for the Lions since being drafted. This year, he needed to make an impact. As he is battling for the No.2 CB battles, he must impress. Against the Colts in preseason game two, he did. He performed better than CB Will Harris and did not get burned like the rest of the defensive backs. His play in preseason game two may have solidified his position as a starter.

Austin Bryant

The biggest impact player so far has been DE Austin Bryant. Bryant was a wrecking ball on the field in both games. On a consistent basis, he beat the lineman and disrupted the opposing QBs. With his great play, he solidified his spot on the 53-man roster.

Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy has been one of the best WRs in the preseason. Catching every ball, recording multiple touchdowns, and massing the most yards in the NFL; he has made a case to make the roster. It is a tough competition for the WR room but Kennedy through his name in the hat to make the team.

Let’s talk about players who have fallen in recent weeks due to the preseason performances they showed.

Will Harris

Will Harris looked terrible against the Colts. He was consistently beaten and looked lost on defense. He was burnt multiple times in coverage and with Jeffrey Okudah out shinning him, he may have lost the battle for the No.2 CB position.

Trinity Benson

Trinity Benson has not had bad tape in the preseason but he has had a decent. The problem is that every other WR has outperformed him on a big level. Tom Kennedy and Maurice Alexander showed flashes of greatness while Benson did decently. That hurts his chances to make the roster.

Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson has been terrible at tackle. He looks lost on the offensive line. This is a big problem for the Lions as they look to find a backup tackle in case a starter goes down. If Nelson continues this into week three, he could be gone.