Lions Should Draft A Mobile Quarterback

The Detroit Lions franchise is well known for having quarterbacks who will stand in the pocket and deliver the football, the prototypical pocket passer. Current Lions quarterback Jared Goff is one of those players, and the Lions need to break that mold and draft a mobile quarterback.

In this video, legendary wide receiver Herman Moore and Lions Nation Unite member MicroMike explain why it is time to prepare a mobile quarterback.


Extending Plays

One aspect of a mobile dual-threat quarterback brings is extending the play. If the play breaks down, the mobile QB can extend the space with his legs and wait for his weapons to open.

Herman Moore on a mobile QB (1:22)

“Getting a QB that is not like a Jared Goff type, maybe it is going to be more of a Lamar Jackson type, maybe it is going to be more of what you find with a Josh Allen. They have the ability to really be solid passers but also they can kill you with their feet.”


Forcing Defenses To Account For A QB Who Runs

Another aspect of having a mobile QB is that defenses must account for their legs. This gives problems to defensive coordinators because it can open up holes in the defense for an offense to exploit.

This dimension to the Lions’ game offensively has been non-existent. Acquiring a QB who can do that to a defense causes matchup problems.


The QB Can Run

When the play fails, the QB can run the football. When you look at Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, he can kill you in the run game. His speed with his legs is a nightmare for defenses. Suppose he runs with his legs and extends the drive. This helps out the defense and gives them rest on the sideline.


Bring Flash To Detroit

The Lions need to have a face of the franchise that is transformative. The Lions need to have a dynamic player take control of this team and force the media and fans to respect the team. Having a mobile QB that shows explosive plays can give the Lions the boost it has needed for many years.