Lions vs. Seahawks: Offensive Breakdown By Herman Moore

Week Four’s Detroit Lions versus Seattle Seahawks matchup is at Ford Field Sunday. Legendary wide receiver Herman Moore breaks down each offensive position for each team to see who has the advantage to win.


Amon-Ra St. Brown vs. Tyler Lockett

Wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown has an injury to his ankle that could hurt his productions Sunday against the Seahawks. Wide receiver Tyler Lockett has been great so far for the Seahawks, and quarterback Geno Smith has made him his number one target.

Moore gives the edge to Lockett for this matchup.

Herman Moore on Amon-Ra St. Brown (0:55)

“If you go back and look at the Minnesota game, he was hobbled; once he got hobbled and injured, it was not the same St. Brown we are used to. He could not get the separation, he didn’t have the burst up the field, he could not get in and out of his breaks the same.”


Josh Reynolds vs. DK Metcalf

Wide receiver DK Metcalf is a monster. Metcalf is physical at the line of scrimmage, can catch the contested passes, is a great route runner, and is a number one wide receiver that plays as the number two wide receiver.

Wide receiver Josh Reynolds is an excellent piece for the Lions’ offense but not better than Metcalf, and Metcalf edges out Reynolds.


D.J. Chark vs. Marquise Goodwin

Finally, the Lions get a matchup victory. Wide receiver D.J. Chark is a much better complement than wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, and Chark has better production and is thrown to more than Goodwin. Edge goes to Chark.

Herman Moore on D.J. Chark (3:02)

“I’m giving the nod to Chark.”

Moore continues, “The Lions are starting to move him around; if you look at the game against Minnesota, he was in the slot thirteen times compared to only ten times in the previous two games, and with Goodwin, I don’t see him playing as much of a role for Seattle.”


T.J. Hockenson vs. Noah Fant

This is a close battle between tight end T.J. Hockenson and tight end Noah Fant. Ultimately, Hockenson wins this matchup.

With injuries to St. Brown and running back D’Andre Swift, Hockenson will be used more on Sunday vs. the Seahawks.


D’Andre Swift vs. Rashaad Penny

The edge goes to running back D’Andre Swift. The Lions are the number three ranked run offense in the NFL, and the Seahawks defense is ranked thirty-one in run defense. The Lions will run all day exploiting such a mismatch.

The Lions’ offensive line also is one of the best in the National Football League, opening up wide holes for whoever is the running back. If Swift cannot play due to injury, running back, Jamaal Williams will be in his place. Williams has been averaging nearly five yards a carry.

Herman Moore on D’Andre Swift (4:31)

“With Jamaal Williams and D’Andre Swift, it is running back by committee. You’ve got two guys: when Swift goes out, I don’t think any of us gets surprised or bothered by the fact that you have a Jamaal Williams in there. He [Williams] has been productive, he runs just as hard, he has the passion, so I see that as being the tale of two backs and you cannot go wrong with either one.”


Jared Goff vs. Geno Smith

Quarterback Jared Goff has better production than Smith, and Goff has seven touchdowns to two interceptions. The stats also show the Lions as the number three ranked offense in the NFL, and Smith has four touchdowns to two interceptions and a bottom-third-ranked offense. The edge goes to Goff.


Final Outcome

The all-around edge goes to the Detroit Lions. Lions are favored to win and should.