Lions vs. Steelers: 5 Things To Watch For

The Lions have their final preseason game on Sunday against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. In this article/ video, a Lions Nation Unite member gives his five things to watch for in preseason game 3.

Jeffrey Okudah vs. Will Harris

The Lions have a battle raging right now for the No.2 cornerback position between Jeffrey Okudah and Will Harris. As of now, it looks like Okudah has had the better camp and may be ahead of Harris for this position. What happens against the Steelers could determine who is the winner. I am not going to lie, I am rooting for the former number three overall pick to win the competition.

Tim Boyle vs. David Blough

This battle has been neck and neck throughout training camp and both players have had moments in each game against the Falcons and Colts. This performance will determine who the backup quarterback will be. Can Tim Boyle keep the spot as the backup from last year or will David Blough be able to unseat him for that spot? This will be a huge test for both of them.

The Lions Trenches

One big piece to the puzzle for the Lions’ 2022 NFL season is the offense and defensive line. So far, the offensive line has been dominant throughout training camp and each preseason game. The defensive line did not play well in week one versus the Falcons but destroyed the Colts in week two. Can both lines dominate against the Steelers? If so, the Lions could be nasty in the trenches for the 2022 NFL season.

The Linebacker Battle

The biggest question this offseason is who will stand out at Linebacker for the Lions. In camp, the only name that has been consistent is the rookie 6th-round pick, Malcolm Rodriguez. Rodriguez looks to have made the starting role. With that said, who else will step up? Can Derrick Barnes have a good game to put his name in the hat to play big snaps in 2022? Will Chris Board show what he can do? All eyes will be on the Lions’ Linebackers.

The Lions Rookies

Aidan Hutchinson has been a monster up front. On a consistent basis, he has won against his opponents. How well will he perform against the Steelers? Can Kerby Joseph be able to continue to learn the position and make some plays defensively for the Lions? James Mitchell saw his first action against the Colts, can he secure his spot on the 53-man roster with a good performance Sunday? How well will Chase Lucas do Sunday?