Lions Nation Unite Live: Lions vs. Vikings Breakdown With Final Score Prediction

Lions Nation Unite was live talking about the upcoming game between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings.

What are the key matchups for this game? Who ends up winning the game? The panel from Lions Nation Unite gives their breakdowns and predictions for the Week 3 matchup between the Lions and Vikings.


Jeffrey Okudah vs. Justin Jefferson

One of the biggest matchups in this game will be between Lions cornerback Jeffrey Okudah and Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson. Jefferson is one of the best wide receivers in the league, already catching 232 receiving yards with two touchdowns.

Okudah has been outstanding so far, only allowing one reception in two games. Okudah must slow down Jefferson for the Lions to have a chance to win the game.

MicroMike on the matchup (16:53)

“The Lions need to be able to lock down- at least attempt to- Justin Jefferson, slow him down. He cannot have a 170-yard receiving type of game; if he does, it will be a world of hurt for the Detroit Lions.”


Establish The Run Game

For the Lions to win, we must do what we do best this season and run the football.

The Lions are the No.3 rushing team in the National Football League. For this offense to work, the Lions must continue to run and give quarterback Jared Goff an opportunity for a big play with play-action.

Mark Orum on running the football (24:41)

“We have to establish the run game in order for Goff to be successful because if we do not do well with play-action, that’s where Goff gets hurt. So we have to run the ball against the Minnesota Vikings.”


Attack the Vikings’ Secondary

The Lions have quality wide receivers in Amon-Ra St. Brown, D.J. Chark, and Josh Reynolds. Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson must attack the Vikings’ weak secondary. We must consistently be on the attack to win this game and not let down on offense.

Antony on Lions wide receivers (25:40)

“Go after that weak secondary of theirs.”

Antony continues, “Exploit the play action pass, get Amon-Ra into space, and that is where your bread and butter comes from.”


Get Vertical on Offense

The Lions need to use tight end T.J. Hockenson in this game. Hockenson is a matchup problem for the Vikings’ defense. Get Hockenson in space and let him make some plays.

Also, the Lions must score touchdowns in the red zone.

Spirit of Detroit Podcast on offense (27:39)

“Get vertical with the tight ends. I know this comes at a shock, but Hockenson is a matchup nightmare; you could put him into the slot if you can allow him to be that red zone target.”


Final Score Predictions

Mark Orum: Vikings win, 34-31

Antony: Vikings win, 30-27

Spirit Of Detroit Podcast: Lions win, 35-24

MicroMike: Lions win, 31-30