Overreaction Monday Ft. Aidan Hutchinson & Jameson Williams

The Detroit Lions fanbase is very angry with the current record of the Detroit Lions. With so many problems with this team, questions are emerging regarding edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson, wide receiver Jameson Williams, and the 2023 draft.

In this video, MicroMike breaks down five overreactions to the Lions organization.


Is Aidan Hutchinson a bust?

One of the narratives currently out in the fanbase involves edge, Hutchinson.

To say Hutchinson is a bust is a vast overreaction. The young man has only played five games in his NFL career and needs time to develop. It is essential to give rookies time to understand each scheme they are in and the game’s speed.

MicroMike on Hutchinson (2:55)

“Give Aidan Hutchinson some time, folks. Give him some time, watch him improve from game to game, don’t just say he is a bust and it is automatically over for this guy.”


Jameson Williams the Wrong Pick?

Another conversation that has taken place is that the Lions should have drafted a defensive player instead of WR Jameson Williams in the 2022 draft.

I do not believe it is an overreaction to say WR Williams was the wrong pick, and I also do not think it is an overreaction to say he was the correct pick. The Lions could have taken a defensive player instead of Williams in the 2022 NFL draft, and the Lions needed help defensively at multiple positions. I also understand drafting a player who can help the team for many years, not just one. Both sides of this argument have valid points.


The Lions Will Lose Out

The Lions should pick up more wins this season, and it is an overreaction to say they will lose out for the rest of the season. The Detroit Lions face the Chicago Bears twice and the Carolina Panthers and those games are winnable for the Lions.


The Detroit Lions Will Have a Top 5 Draft Pick in 2023

This is not an overreaction. Currently, the Lions sit at the third pick in the draft and have the fifth most challenging remaining schedule against teams such as the Dallas Cowboys (4-2), Green Bay Packers (3-3), the Buffalo Bills (5-1) the New York Giants (5-1), and the New York Jets (4-2). The Lions will not be favored in those games; if they lose, they will pick in the top five of the draft.

MicroMike on the draft (8:08)

“If you look at the schedule, it is really difficult. I think the Lions will have a top-five draft pick; it is not an overreaction at all.”


The Lions Must Address Just Defense in Free Agency and the Draft

The Lions’ fans want the Lions just to address defense in the offseason. This is a significant overreaction.

Yes, the reason is wrong, and the Lions must primarily focus on upgrading the defense. They need to sign starters in free agency and select defensive players in the draft, but you must address special teams and the offense as well.

The Lions need to get a quarterback to develop in the current and draft a kicker. The Lions may need to acquire a running back if Jamaal Williams does not re-sign, and a right guard if Halapoulivaati Vaitai is not healthy.