Should the Lions Trade For LB Roquan Smith?

The Detroit Lions have a big hole in the middle of the defense with a lack of quality talent at the linebacker position. On Tuesday, August 8, Chicago Bear LB Roquan Smith officially requested a trade. Should the Lions attempt to trade for the All-Pro LB? Let’s get into it.

The Lions brass seems to make trades and or acquire talent in free agency from players whom coaches have connections with. Michael Brockers and Jared Goff were traded from the Rams to the Lions. Josh Reynolds former Ram comes to the Lions via waiver wire who Brad Holmes is familiar. Is a connection available with LB Roquan Smith and the Lions’ coaching staff? Yes, there is.

Lions LB Coach Kelvin Sheppard was coaching for the Bears two years ago and is very familiar with Roquan Smith. With the connection, he easily could speak to GM Brad Holmes and give him information on him.

Would the Bears trade Smith to the Lions? Generally speaking, teams do not trade within the division. Trading a player of Smith’s caliber to an NFC North rival would anger the Bears fanbase as they would make the Lions better and they would need to see him play twice a year. It is possible to trade could go down but seems less likely.

Let’s assume the Bears would trade Smith to Detroit. What would it take to acquire him? Most analysts believe the team trading for him would need to give up a 2nd round pick and a later pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Lions do have the capital to get it done. The Lions have multiple draft picks in the first round and many more picks overall. The Lions have traded with an NFC North rival in the last draft with the Vikings to acquire Jameson Williams. GM Brad Holmes is aggressive.

If the Lions were to trade for Smith, they would need to give him a monster deal and set the market for the LB position. As of right now, after this season, the Lions have around $80 Million in cap space. They have the money to get it done. With all the information gathered, this trade seems unlikely but one can dream.