Takeaways From Sheila Hamp's Press Conference

Lions owner Sheila Hamp had an impromptu press conference on Wednesday, talking to the press about the Detroit Lions’ season. In the press conference, Hamp covered multiple topics, such as the future of head coach Dan Campbell, the progress of general manager Brad Holmes, and the frustration with the lack of wins in 2022.

In this article, Lions Nation Unite’s MicroMike gives his takeaways from the press conference.


Sheila Hamp Is Frustrated

Listening to Hamp speak, it is clear that she is frustrated with the lack of success from the Lions this season. This is good to hear because it means she cares about the team.

Hamp honestly does want to bring a winner into Detroit. She believes it is essential to be transparent to the public regarding the Lions and wants to let the fans know she hears them.

MicroMike on Sheila Hamp (7:32)

“I do like the fact that she definitely looks like she is frustrated, and I appreciate that, seeing the frustration on her. Clearly she is frustrated, just like we all are. I do appreciate that because you want to see somebody that’s in a position of power with a 1-5 start is frustrated.”


This Is a Long-Term Rebuild

When Hamp hired Holmes and Campbell, she knew this was going to be a long process to get this team to be good. With the issues from the former regime of bad cap problems and lack of talent on the roster, it would take years to be a good team.


Hamp Will Not Fire Dan Campbell

This season, Campbell will not be fired regardless of the win/ loss record. Hamp believes this is going to be a long process, with the need for stability. She believes Campbell is the right guy for the job and will remain the coach of this team.


Hamp Will Not Fire Brad Holmes

Just like Campbell, Holmes will not be fired. Hamp believes building the team through the draft and acquiring talent will take more time. Hamp believes in the process of what Holmes is doing, and he will continue to be the man for the job for the foreseeable future.


Build Through The Draft

One of the biggest takeaways from the press conference is that Hamp continues to believe you build a team through the draft. She believes bringing in young talent is vital for the success of the team in the long term.

The process of accumulating talent will take time, but it is the correct way to have sustainable success.